Why You Need To use Nice Boxes In Your Brand

What role does a nice box have to play? Sure, it needs to be strong and safe, but don’t compromise on looks, either…
The last time you went online shopping and got a product in the mail, you probably remember the state it was in once you received it.

If it looked good, you certainly remember it. If it didn’t look good, you’ll remember it even more!

Packaging shows off your product to the world

No matter what customers say, the way your product is presented to them matters. You can deliver your products in unbranded, plain packaging, but you’ll be missing out on an opportunity – an opportunity to truly impress them and blow their mind. 

But if you want to make a good first impression, you’ll need to make an effort. 

First impression matters!

First impressions last and you only get one chance at a good first impression!

If your packaging hasn’t already been destroyed by a lazy delivery man, then it should be the stage that presents your product to the world. Nail this opportunity and your brand’s name will stay in the mind of your customer for a long time to come. 

Custom packaging makes your brand recognisable.

Custom packaging can increase brand recognition for a number of reasons.

  • Increases brand consistency. A consistent branding experience from your Shopify store to product packaging not only makes you look professional but increases brand notoriety.
  • Reinforces brand ethics. From eco-friendly branding to unmatched luxury, custom packaging resonates with brand ethics and can demonstrate that you put your money where your mouth is.
  • Increases online engagement. Push customers to other channels they may not have engaged with you on before. Below, you can see how the German brand Stay Cold uses an internal print to encourage their customers to share their new purchase on social media. By pushing customers back to social media accounts, you provide more opportunities to interact with them – increasing recognition each time.


What’s the first thing that your customer sees when they receive your product? Your packaging. So if that moment is in any way dull, boring, or a bit of a letdown, your name will soon be forgotten. Avoid this by making your packaging just as memorable as your product. Your product packaging should make your customer excited to open. It should add to their delight. It should also be an extra product itself.

An original idea, such as packaging that doubles as a colouring book, is a great way to be original and stand out. Your packaging doesn’t have to explode with confetti when your customer opens it. I mean, that’d be cool (that’d be really cool) but it’s a little overboard. Being original in your product packaging can mean using minimalism in an effective way – less is more.

Stay with the client for longer

Is there someone who’s never been tricked by the ice-cream box which turned out to be a box for dill leaves? We strongly doubt that. Cookie jar also quite rarely contains cookies and mostly sewing accessories. Back in the day when a computer was associated with a mysterious box assembled by a friend working in IT, some of us kept CDs with drivers or operational systems in the motherboard box.

We generally like to reuse packages, especially if they look good and if using them means avoiding the trip to a Swedish furniture store on the suburbs. Move to the client’s shelf with your own brand!

Cardboard Envelopes

The variety of handmade items includes printed graphics, personalized postcards and other small, flat products. All of them can be sent to the customers in cardboard envelopes – an ideal packaging type for minimalist designs.

Do you want to see that solution “in practice”?

Here’s an example. Every year around Christmas, a trade fair for designers and artists called Mustache Yard Sale takes place.

All of the exhibitors sell their products in the branded packaging of Mustache, the organizer. This year’s novelty will be – you guessed it – the cardboard envelopes

Let others share!

Before your box reaches your client’s shelf it can become a YouTube star. YouTube’s search engine displays 52 milion records for the query “unboxing”. The most popular videos from this category reached several dozen millions of views (the record is 165 million views), and the most popular channels that specialize in unboxing packages with the new gear are followed by several million subscribers. Also, the brands themselves record unboxing videos – for instance Samsung does so. As per data from Google Consumer Surveys, every fifth consumer watches unboxing videos.

The first physical touchpoint that your customer will have with your brand is your packaging.   In the world of e-commerce, that will never change. Because of this, it’s up to you to make sure that experience is: Unique Memorable In line with your branding So what impact does your product leave on your customer? Will they remember your brand name in 6 months? 2 years? Will the come back to you because they remember their first experience? Branded packaging is key to answering ‘yes’ to all those questions!